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Ugh. this game. (Archived)
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Boss Order??? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
Is there anyway to fix the button lag and some of the lagging in general? (Archived)dragonpup712/22/2012
In honor of Mega Man's 25th anniversary, let's listen to this again! (Archived)Sirius312/22/2012
Because it is Mega Man's 25th anniversary... (Archived)CopShowGuy612/22/2012
Three Perfects did not net me the secret boss. (Archived)Steven-Chase612/22/2012
Is this game good or is it just another rom hack? (Archived)
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So megaman was gay this whole time?! (Archived)OkmanL1512/22/2012
Screw you vega... (Archived)ryudude233412/21/2012
Does Ryu have an actual weakness? (Archived)
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Vega has the best music in the world. (Archived)TheCurseX2912/21/2012
Anyone got this game working with a SNES controller? (Archived)crap monkey212/21/2012
Does the d pad on a 360 controller work with this game. (Archived)FARTTACULAR512/21/2012
So it took me 4 runs through Vega's whole level before I realized... (Archived)DrOrpheus42712/21/2012
How do people find these secrets? (Archived)The_Fighting912/21/2012
Mac Version? (Archived)UltraMarcus212/21/2012
Balrog Weakness? (Archived)
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Infinite E-Tanks with no cheats. (Archived)TrenoNeoKnight412/21/2012
Pay attention Capcom. (Archived)Oni_Taedo712/21/2012
Help with secret Seth fight (Archived)SadCubsFan412/21/2012
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