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Someone needs to make a trainer for this... (Archived)the_importer312/20/2012
Would you pay money for this? (Archived)
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Just learned something helpful about fighting Vega (Archived)HeyWheresKel912/20/2012
Is there any benefit after beating the game? (Archived)YINever512/20/2012
out of character (Archived)
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Will the madcatz street fighter controller work with this? (Archived)GreekTheftAuto412/20/2012
Hardest of the 8 normal stages? (Poll)HeyWheresKel612/20/2012
WTF at C Viper stage (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
just me or? (Archived)wolf_lancer25312/20/2012
some Akuma questions... (Archived)
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Continue requirement for secret boss? (Archived)Master Espeon212/20/2012
Easiest Megaman I've ever played (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
Any one else using the fight pad? (Archived)Dos_Pac112/20/2012
**** you megaman (Archived)MrRocketRaccoon412/19/2012
are there any hacks available or in the works to save the game (Archived)
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Using FRAPS to record the boss fights slows it down, makes bosses slightly EZier (Archived)KarateJons212/19/2012
Does this game support controllers? (Archived)anonymous4ever1012/19/2012
Street Fighter X Mega Man for Mac (Archived)
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has anyone killed balrog? (Archived)j063356141412/19/2012
Is Guile in this game? *spoilers* (Archived)AegisIkana512/19/2012
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