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Restoring to earlier save file? (Archived)JJCTroy41/14/2013
Poison Axe doing most damage out of any weapon (Archived)newguyyy11/14/2013
Found a cool glitch? (Archived)Dyno696911/11/2013
best addition to this game (Archived)violent3160131/10/2013
A few question on this version - Difficult/Magic/NewGame+ (Archived)lucs5101/10/2013
jk topic:How much would you buy Rainbow Pudding for if it was an in app purchase (Archived)
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how to level "????'s Love" augment? (Archived)G-N-C21/4/2013
Even though we all saw this coming, it still shocked me! (Archived)
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How does this perform on the iPad1 ? (Archived)george costanza21/3/2013
This is better to play on an ipad mini than on an ipad 3/4... (Archived)Benjamin_Button21/3/2013
use equip item in battle if it is not equip (Archived)greenpapaya131/3/2013
how to use Auto Battle? (Archived)Vakesx41/1/2013
no sound (Archived)Darkneo20412/31/2012
Poor Whyt...*MAYBE SPOILERS...?* (Archived)FFkunai1312/31/2012
Anyone that has Steam willing to do a gift trade? (Archived)lui007311112/30/2012
Reach Augment in iOS version (Archived)Hambs_Hots212/30/2012
Can you play this game at the same time the Tune In radio app is running? (Archived)Theohazard512/29/2012
The fact that this game looks so good on the ipad just goes to show... (Archived)OpheliaAdenade212/29/2012
Does this run well on a 4th gen iPod touch? (Archived)Grand_Blue312/29/2012
I'd rather have the PSP version than the DS version (Archived)
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