Sasuke combos?

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2 years ago#1

Been messing around with the character, and while he's a lot of fun, not finding any too effective combos. I've mostly been using his air triangle move and mashing triangle, but is there any good combos I should be using? Thanks in advance.
2 years ago#2
2 years ago#3

And I think there was a combo from his guard break that went something like this

Guard break, dashing square, square, triangle 2x. Or maybe it was 3x, I forget. Just mash triangle until he ends the combo with an attack that looks identical to his guard break. Maybe it is his guard break, I'm not sure.

That Tuna combo doesn't work though... I've found out that the AI is just too damn stupid to tech, even on 5 stars. Yet another reason I want a training mode :<

LMAO ninja'd with my own topic. I spent too much time trying to remember how that guard break combo went. But I'm happy that at least someone recommended my topic :D
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2 years ago#4
Thanks for the help!

For the launch combo though, I've had opponents manage to tech out before I could land the homing Guard Break. Am I mistiming it or...?
2 years ago#5
To be honest, I'm not 100% positive. I've never had people tech out though, and of course the AI is too stupid to be of any help... I'll test it with a friend later. Probably Friday though, since I'm taking my girlfriend to the zoo and aquarium tomorrow. Plus my Vita is on my Asian account since I've been playing Shin Gundam Musou and Phantom Breaker lol.

But you don't need to move that far before the guard break; just a couple steps should bring you close enough. And then you can just mash triangle or Chidori to continue the combo as soon as you land after that.

...side note, Wing Zero Custom is hax in Shin Gundam Musou. Twin Buster Rifle blows the living s*** out of anything that moves lol
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