Help:BnBs, advanced and VVB combos for Tsuna, Ichigo, and Medaka.

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Can someone provide me with those please? I'm trying to get better with these characters to use them in online and rank. Any and all HELPFUL advice will be deeply appreciated.
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For ichigo:
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-Square, Square, Square, Dashing Square+Square into Air Volley, Xburner, or VB special. You can even get fancy and do the air triangle string by jump cancelling the Dashing Square Square string on hit.
-Square, Square, Triangle, Triangle, Dashing Square, land and can do either X-Burner, Up+Circle, or VB special.
-R1+Square, Triangle, Triangle, Square. Cross break starter, best R1+Square almost meterless. You can sub the last square to do one of his special attacks instead but I don't think it's worth the stamina usage. Usually my go to combo when I hit someone with his R1+Square.
Tsuna is one of the most fun characters on the game, cover distance fast, pretty nice damage, and cross break combo on block can eat a ton of the opponents stamina. You're gonna almost always be on the move and keeping foes out the air with Up+Circle. Don't be afraid to use his counter, it's really good.

-Dashing Square, Jump triangle, Square, Square, Square, Triangle, Triangle, Kurokami Phantom.
-Square, Square, Square, Jump triangle (timing is kinda tight), repeat again, Square, Square, Square, Triangle, Triangle, Kurokami Phantom.
-Square, Square, Square, Weighted Words (before opponent hits the floor), Square, Square, Square, Triangle, Triangle, Kurokami Phantom.
-Dashing Square, Weighted Words, Square, Square. Square, Jump+Triangle, Square, Square, Square, Jump Triangle (entire string), Kurokami Phantom.
-Dashing Square, Jump triangle string into VB. Can extend to combo by doing Jump triangle (1 hit), Square, Square, Square, VB.
-Square, Square, Square, Triangle Triangle, Kurokami Phantom cancel (do the input for Kurokami then cancel by pressing the guard button) VB.

Those are just some of the things she can do, she's pretty fun to use and experiment combos with. The VB combos only work if you're already in War God Mode. If you don't want to end a combo in Kurokami Phantom, you can go for a cross break, entire triangle string to get some distance, or my personal favorite of cancel Kurokami Phantom into Triangle, Square. She also has a mini reset in which she cancels Kurokami Phantom, do Square, Square to juggle them in the air, let them touch the ground in go Weighted Words or the easier method of the Square string before they can move.

I'm like half sleep writing this so anyone feel free to correct me on this lol.
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Thanks A LOT Robinblade! (^_^)b

EDIT:OH YEAH! Tsuna is my reason for getting this day 1. I just got turned off fast because teh online community ruined it. My friends are playing it now so I'm gonna get some usage outta my Vita version purchase again. I knew most of these when I played. DEM MEDAKA COMBOA THO! If I knew I could've canceled the recovery time with Kurokami Phantom cancels back then I would've been more meta. :O
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No problem, it's funny considering Tsuna and Medaka are the main reasons why I got this game lol. Glad I was able to help.
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Ah, k. Ichigo has alot of stuff. Let us start with basics.

No matter the hit you start with, the end game will almost always be R1+O, forward teleport (mash the control stick to your target), Triangle, Square then one of these options:

1. Up+O
2. R1+Triangle
3. R1+Square
4. O
5. Triangle, Triangle, Square (this is your cross break/launch)
6. Square (wait a bit), Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Up+O or dodge forward, R1+Square. (I'll call this one in particular, the reset)
7. O x 3 If you have the mask on (Omit Square after Triangle, will only work if you teleport)

Options 1 to 5 can always be done if you have the stamina for it. 1 to 4 you can and you should mash them out as soon as you land. Option 5, you want to wait until they land.

The reset (Option 6), requires precise timing. How it works? Wait for Ichigo to land first. The hitbox on Ichigo's standing Square is very big. You want to time Square so that your target falls on it and the tip of your sword hits them above your head. Once you've done that, wait a little bit then mash Triangle before they land. If done correctly, you should be able to combo Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Up+O. Depending on what was done before R1+O, your target could tech out on the initial hit of Up+O or possibly even earlier. To prevent this headache, you can dodge cancel after the third hit Triangle (Just hold R1 and forward on the control stick, he'll dodge after the third hit of Triangle) then input R1+Square.

Next up, how can you combo into R1+O? There are many ways.

1. Square, Square, R1+O.
2. Square, Triangle, R1+O.
3. Square, Square, Triangle, R1+O (This is the easiest one to do. Even if Triangle misses, you can still land R1+O. If Triangle does connect, it tacks on some ok damage.)
4. Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, dodge cancel, R1+O.
5. (On a grounded opponent) Jump Triangle, Square, R1+O
6. (On a grounded opponent) R2 (dash) Square, R1+O
7. (On a grounded opponent) R2 (dash) Square, Jump Triangle, Square, R1+O
8. (On a grounded opponent) Jump Square, R1+O

Before I continue, let's talk cancels. Ichigo has two. One I've already mentioned is the dodge cancel that only works after Triangle x 3. You just hold forward and R1 right after you input the third Triangle and he'll dodge forward allowing you to do R1+O which is already mentioned in the above list.

Now for the second type of cancel. After any heavy attack on ground if you mash the control stick in any direction, Ichigo will cancel and move in that direction. So:

Triangle, Triangle
Square, Triangle
Square, Triangle, Triangle

Can all be canceled by mashing the control stick in any direction before the animation on the last Triangle is done. Forward cancel is the fastest cancel so you usually want that, but a side cancel has its use. You never want a back cancel. Let's talk about the chains.

Triangle, Triangle, cancel will link into Square, Triangle. Square, Triangle, cancel will link into Triangle, Triangle, Triangle. With that said, let's add to that list.

9. Square, Triangle, cancel, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, dodge cancel, R1+O
10. Triangle, Triangle, cancel, Square, Triangle, cancel, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, dodge cancel, R1+O

Now for 11. Square, Triangle, Triangle can link into Jump Square if you side cancel the last Triangle then dash over to your target. The input window is very tight. So

11. Square, Triangle, Triangle, side cancel, hold R2, Jump Square, R1+O.

Everything in the second list can be combined with everything in the first list except for options 9 through 11 on the second list and option 6 (the reset) on the first list because they will force an automatic tech out.

Looks like I have to make another post.
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Most of the time, you will be starting your combos from either:

Jump Triangle

Why? Square because it's your fastest attack on ground and is your best means of punishing someone or applying pressure. Jump Triangle because it is safe on block and if you jump over someone's head it will cross them up. So just combine anything in list 2 that starts with Square or Jump Triangle with R1+O, teleport, Triangle, Square, then list 1 and you've got Ichigo combos/bnbs. Yay. We aren't done yet though.

R1+O is a neat tool. It is invincible on start-up so it will go through many things. On top of that, like you already know, you can combo after it using anything in list 1. But wait, what if you feel like you are missing out on damage kicking things off with raw R1+O. Well, guess what, you can use teleports as aerial cancels! Yes, you can cancel air/jump Triangle into itself forever and this doesn't require stamina to do either. How's it done?

Note: Triangle has to hit something for you to be able to teleport.

R1+O, teleport, Triangle, teleport (mash control stick to the side), Triangle, teleport, repeat.

You want a side teleport after Triangle in the air. It's the quickest one in the air. If you are going for the reset combo (option 6 from list 1) then only do this once. Any other option from list 1, you can do this twice, so...

R1+O (nothing before it), teleport, Triangle, teleport, Triangle, teleport, Triangle, Square, (insert anything from list 1 here that's not the reset)


R1+O, teleport, Triangle, teleport, Triangle, Square, reset combo.


Now then, I'm not going to list every combo Ichigo can do. I've already said so and what can and cannot work. What I will list is what I do most of the time tho.

Square, Square, Triangle, R1+O, teleport, Triangle, Square, reset combo/R1+Triangle/R1+Square (if it will kill)/Up+O(if it will kill without the reset).

Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, dodge cancel, R1+O, Triangle, Square, reset combo/R1+Triangle/R1+Square (if it will kill)/Up+O(if it will kill without the reset).

Jump Triangle, Square, R1+O, Triangle, Square, reset combo/R1+Triangle/R1+Square (if it will kill)/Up+O(if it will kill without the reset).

While in the past I used to get it alot, starting a combo off of R1+O is a rare thing for me lately. My friends are too smart for that now, so the above is usually what I end up doing.

Now for tips.

If you dash jump over someone's head then Jump Triangle will cross-up.

Use ground cancels for pressure and mix-ups if your attacks are blocked.

R1+O will leave you open if it wiffs. If someone blocks it however, you can mash forward to teleport behind them then Triangle, Square for a combo! The window for the teleport is really tight. Practice this in two-player mode.

If Jump Triangle is blocked, you can still teleport! You can teleport in any direction and press Triangle again to do this forever. It's not that fast so certain attacks can hit you out of it, also you could be just guarded, but still it's fun, fun, fun.

After R1+O or Air/Jump Triangle connects with something and you teleport, if you hold R1 and mash the control stick in any direction, you can teleport forever! Use this to avoid grounded assist or help from your opponent's teammate!


The most damaging combo I've gotten without an assist is (requires the mask):

Triangle, Triangle, cancel, Square, Triangle, cancel, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, dodge cancel, R1+O, Triangle, Square, GETSUGA TENSHO x 3.

Does around 80%.

So basically, combine mostly anything from list two with anything from list one and you have your Ichigo combos, or as I like to call him Derpigo because people think he's easy to use correctly. ;)
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Thanks! I really appreciate the indepth help.
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