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3 years ago#1
Easy Levels: Instead of keeping fighting the hardest guys for big XP, just farm low level epic stages that you can do many times over instead of one or two runs.

Gear: Instead of dropping 25k, just save up 20 gems and hit the dark chest for some great gear and you can get a easy 20 gems just watching videos.

PvP: Go into leader boards and spam friend requests with lower rank knights and battle them for 2-6 battles points each and replace them once you have more friends ready.

Big Boss on Map: Use the leader board and try to find people with the gear that give 3x damege and friend request them.

iOS: Knights & Dragons
3 years ago#2
Rare Gear from Bosses: Use your power hit to "kill" the boss for 100% rare item drop.
iOS: Knights & Dragons

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