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4 years ago#1
Can you only get the rare cards (Tier 4) via the mobacoin bridge? Im close to getting all the cards from the missions and wanted to know if there is a chance to get the rare cards besides having to pay money.
4 years ago#2
I have gotten 3 rares from the Bronze Warrior Medal pack before, Jazz, Prowl and Starscream. Best moment was opening a Super Rare Event Mirage from the event's Silver Warrior Medal pack.

All this without paying a single cent.
Posted 8/26/2008 9:52:31PM LOL how did you get a full soul Z without even defeating a volganos? <- roche1988 being pwned AGAIN!
4 years ago#3
Haven't seen any events yet. It did talk about some insecticon event but it looks like it was cancelled.
4 years ago#4
A litte after game launched, they had the insecticon event going but it was super glitches and caused the game to crash a lot. They cancelled the event and should be relaunching in a week or two.

I bought one game pack and got event mirage (sr) and got a Sr prowl from a free allies pack.
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