Where are you in the game and what are your biggest stats/best equipment?

#1mistersummersPosted 1/6/2013 7:15:12 AM
I just got the quest to visit the Arch Mage in his tower from Lamil. I am at level 16. My strength is 15, agility is 18 (I'm a range type character), endurance is 13, and vigor is 11. I have 49 blade, 55 crossbow, 75 defend, and 60 stealth. I have spent a lot of time raising $ and skills by killing goblins over and over and then taking the $ to places in North Aven to train my skills. I also have the best crossbow, longsword, and light equipment I can get in Aven at this point. My sword does 50 - 150 damage and my crossbow does 80 - 240 damage. My defense is only 20 as I travel light and sneak a lot.

What's your setup?
#2clanceyPosted 1/6/2013 1:19:04 PM
Hi mister summers, im really liking this game so far and the patch seems to improve many things. Im a melee character at level 21. Strength and endurance are at 38 and the rest are in the mid teens. Ive been to see the archmage and have been all the way north on the map and way down south too. Lots of area to still explore. Very enjoyable so far.
#3takuma_kof98Posted 1/8/2013 5:22:09 PM
I'm level 17. Soon soon to hit 18.


Strength 23
Agility 20
Endurance 20
Vigor 13


Axe 10
Blade 66
Blunt 13
Crossbow 82
Bow 20
Powder 59
Magic 10
Defend 85
Pick Lock 19
Stealth 34

I mostly like using swords (melee) but I'm enjoying trying out the crossbows and blunderbusses. It seems that you can raise your skills in all areas. If you are willing to pay. I don't want to just focus on a few skills I would like to make my character versatile. Like more well rounded a Jack Of All Trades to speak. So I may spend money raising other skills that I am not actively working on. I may decide to cap them off at certain point. It seem that by working on certain skills doesn't put you into a job classification.
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