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Looking for people to play with (Archived)Infamous92516/20 10:15PM
Target-exclusive Power Disc album (Archived)darkreyeder21/5 7:13AM
Multiplayer achievement help (Archived)gambit444211/4 2:10PM
Who are your favorite characters to play as in this game? (Archived)spartan22503210/24 4:44PM
Characters without specific playsets (Archived)exoscoriae810/24 10:29AM
Question about how toy box mode works (Archived)RiddickSC310/22 9:47PM
Does this game come with any toys? (Archived)Personifried410/11 4:58AM
Anyone still looking to get multiplayer achievements? (Archived)ZigaTz49/20/2014
Is the starter pack worth $30 (Archived)C Redfield49/16/2014
does every character play differently than others? (Archived)micmystamickey29/8/2014
Figure Storage (Archived)Valaith4748/11/2014
Chill in the Air Skydome Question (Archived)csgnfbc0028/10/2014
owners pack? (Archived)KBlack259538/5/2014
Probably been asked already, but... (Archived)Khameleon47/31/2014
How many people can play on one console at a time? (Archived)kbb81tn37/17/2014
Do you think it will be worth buying a next gen console for this game? (Archived)Yorkshire_1447/13/2014
Question about next gen 2.0 versions (Archived)EddieZBlindz27/11/2014
Thinking of jumping in but need some infinity veteran advice please. (Archived)un1que27/10/2014
Anybody willing to help me get the 2 online achievements? (Archived)No Name Gamer17/8/2014
Which MARVEL characters would you like to be playable in Infinity 2? (Archived)
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