Toysrus tru power discs - knowing what's inside

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2 years ago#1
I don't know if this has already been posted, but after buying like a dozen of those tru power packs i finally notice that the serial code tells you what exclusive is inside

1110760000000 = Scrooge
1114460000000 = Zurg
1110740000000 = Tron user control
1110770000000 = Mike's car

2 years ago#2
Thank you posting this. Do you happen to know if you can obtain another rare disc in the TRU exclusive packs? Like can I get the Scrooge McDuck and Dumbo in the same pack?
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2 years ago#3
The packs only contain 1 exclusive/rare disc unfortunately...the other disc is a common series 1 so far. I've got like 8 Cinderella carriages :S. The discs I named are the only ones out so far in the tru packs (well as of Nov 1st)
2 years ago#4
Well you could also go by the UPC codes...

Mikes New Car - 712725024000
Tron User Control - 712725023980
Zurg’s Wrath - 712725024130
Scrooge’s Lucky Dime - 12725023997
Hook’s Ship - 712725024017
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