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Official Pokemon-claiming topic~

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4 years ago#151
Hmmm... I guess I'll claim....Froakie. No takesies.
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4 years ago#152
Regice is mine.
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4 years ago#153
I call Celebi!
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4 years ago#154
Oops...Marill is taken...

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4 years ago#155
I choose you! Golem!
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4 years ago#156
I'll take Ampharos. He's still free, right?
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4 years ago#157
Are Riolu or Charmander good?
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4 years ago#158
DaRk MaGe2004 posted...
seth_angelus369 posted...
Was already the official Kyurem and all forms of the boards so whichever damned fool I have already seen on here with Kyurem as his sig (looks at Polimario) you can have it. I'm claiming Rhyperior.

But...Rhyperior is so....wrongly colored.

What's wrong with Rhyperior's colour, might I ask?
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4 years ago#159
* All of favorite pokemon have been taken*
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4 years ago#160
I claim Treecko

I checked and he is not taken. Hahaha, woo boy did I luck out...
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