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Official Pokemon-claiming topic~

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4 years ago#161
These topics are so dumb.

*claims Jynx*
Nintendo 5-Star Leader
4 years ago#162
seth_angelus369 posted...
DaRk MaGe2004 posted...
seth_angelus369 posted...
Was already the official Kyurem and all forms of the boards so whichever damned fool I have already seen on here with Kyurem as his sig (looks at Polimario) you can have it. I'm claiming Rhyperior.

But...Rhyperior is so....wrongly colored.

What's wrong with Rhyperior's colour, might I ask?

If you is just a slightly different shade of gray that its predecessors....that ALWAYS bugged me.
To die without leaving a trace, that is the legacy of the Garo
4 years ago#163
Raichu I choose YOU!
Blast'd kids and their posts that only say "Sig'd"! You can't sig "Sig'd"! -grand_maester
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4 years ago#164
Hobbits are Tolkien minorities.
Shulk (Xenoblade), Robin (Fire Emblem), Chrom (Fire Emblem) and Ghirahim (Legend of Zelda) for SSB4.
4 years ago#165
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4 years ago#166
Official Chocobo of the Dissidia 012: Duodecim Final Fantasy Boards
4 years ago#167
Official Lemmy Koopa of this site.
Official Root Beer Float of the IDF.
4 years ago#168
I'm pretty sure Dunsparce isn't taken yet, so I'm totally calling him! If he is taken though, someone let me know so I don't look like an idiot.
4 years ago#169
I might be active in these boards now that I'm... THE OFFICIAL IVYSAUR!
Somebody please motivate me to post videos on youtube. I can't do it myself
4 years ago#170
I claim Raikou!
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