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For the first time since gen 2 we might not have a dragon type as a legendary

#11kakashik99992Posted 1/8/2013 6:21:57 AM
Well I never play uberss so meh.. they are probably the best looking legendary pokemon till now by FAR
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#12arvilinoPosted 1/8/2013 6:22:23 AM
Goten55 posted...
How do you guys feel about it?

I'd bet there's going to be a Dragon type legendary shaped like a Z.
#13Solar_CrimsonPosted 1/8/2013 9:41:40 AM
The red legendary kind of looks draconian.
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#14summerclawPosted 1/8/2013 9:43:38 AM
Watch Y-bird to be Fire/Dragon and X-Deer Dragon/Grass.
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#15Goten55(Topic Creator)Posted 1/8/2013 11:58:37 AM
From: IionIiar | #009
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The red legendary from the video looks like it could be a dragon type.
Anyways why focus on dragon? There are other types that have been around for longer or just as long as legendaries.
We've had Psychic and Flying since gen 1, Water since gen 2, and Steel since gen 3.

But I meant as on the cover legendaries.

Okay I see what you meant. I still do think that the red legendary could be a dragon, though there's a possibility that it will be flying instead. I'm more concerned with the possibility of the cover legendaries being fire and water, based on their color schemes. It's such a stale dichotomy. I'm thinking flying and grass might be nice. Flying because, well, the red legendary is flying, and grass because the giant deer reminds me of the giant deer that guarded the forest in Princess Mononoke.

For some reason I got an Flying/dark typing for the bird.
Grass/Steel or Grass/water for the deer.
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#16spooky96Posted 1/8/2013 11:59:20 AM
Goten55 posted...
How do you guys feel about it?

I don't care much about it.
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#17KingTumbleweedPosted 1/8/2013 12:00:14 PM
arvilino posted...
Goten55 posted...
How do you guys feel about it?

I'd bet there's going to be a Dragon type legendary shaped like a Z.


Dragons are commonly associated with myths, is it so strange to see a lot of legendary dragons?
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#18MilsoPosted 1/8/2013 12:36:04 PM
Pretty good. I'm pretty sick of the "OMG, THIS GUY IS AN EPIC DRAGON!" legendary. Lugia, Ho-oh, Kyogre and Groudon didn't need to be dragons to be cool.

I'll forgive Black/White for reusing dragons, simply because it seemed to serve some purpose there, but yeah, enough with the dragons. Other types can be cool too.