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Choose you starting Pokemon! - Fennekin, Chespin or Froakie?

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3 years ago#71

Bro is getting Chespin.
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3 years ago#72
Fennekin! Fire all the way!
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3 years ago#73
Froakie looks pretty cool, he looks like he has a pimp coat. If the evo is like that then we might have another Empoleon on our hands.
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3 years ago#74
PillsberyDoeMan posted...
how the hell is froakie gettin' no love =(

Because its a Benjamin Franklin frog.
And chespin looks like oshawott a little too much.
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3 years ago#75
Chespin looks like he's crazy awesome.
3 years ago#76
Fennekin, hands down.
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3 years ago#77
Chespin followed by froakie. Horrible name BTW.

I'll just wait until i see final evolution though
3 years ago#78
Froakie is pretty cool but given this the first generation since Gen2 that had a fire starter I actually like I will be going with Fennekin.
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3 years ago#79
Fennekin would fit my playstyle the best, sence I like to bring as much "firepower" so to speak into my pokemon battles, if Fennekin really is a Fire/Psy type, then he will be a great special atack beast.

if i were to choose deffensively, I think that Froakie might end up being the more deffensive pokemon of the 3, while Chespin might be more towards raw Attack. Its still hard to tell since no movesets or evolutions have ben revealed, so I could be completely wrong XD.
3 years ago#80
Fennekin, he's adorable. Vulpix / Ninetails is already one of my favourite pokemon, and I'm fine with more of a good thing.
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