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New eeveelutions

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User Info: Reyman500

4 years ago#1
How many do you think there are going to be this gen?
Which is greater half of quarter or quarter of half?

User Info: pikachupwnage

4 years ago#2
Pokemon generation six! All abroad the hype train!

User Info: Revoredo

4 years ago#3
Two, Dragon and Dark.
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User Info: Brady672_AT_fan

4 years ago#4
The Pokemon series will never end until they have all the eveelutions.

And since there may be a focus on DNA, and Eevee is the DNA Pokemon...
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User Info: Mugiloko

4 years ago#5
2 Dragon and Steel.
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User Info: Zarren364

4 years ago#6
I would only like to see a Dragon Eeveelution. That way it keeps up with the pattern of matching the original special types.
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User Info: kakashik99992

4 years ago#7
Two with at least one on the new mini eevee film
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User Info: RE4everMK

4 years ago#8
Revoredo posted...
Two, Dragon and Dark.

Dragon? Not yet.
Dark?? Lol.

I think two. Ground and Flying.
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User Info: PokemonYoutube

4 years ago#9
Revoredo posted...
Two, Dragon and Dark.

User Info: Traptin3days

4 years ago#10
Revoredo posted...
Two, Dragon and Dark.

Why a second Dark type?
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