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Starter Speculations

#1PawnoftheBoardsPosted 1/8/2013 9:36:11 AM
It looks interesting what these pokemon may become when they evolve, considering what they're based on now, and I did try to deconstruct them based on name

Chespin is based off of Chestnuts, his "hat" being the shell of one. This is what is his english and japanese names point towards, "Ches" being likely short for chestnut, and the last part of the name, "maron" being short for maron glace, a chestnut treat. After a quick look up of the japanese meaning for "hari", the second part of Chespin's name came together, since "hari" means "pin" or "needle"

Fennekin's name is a portmanteau of "fennec", as in fennec fox, the same fox eevee was based off of, and "Kindle". I couldn't glean anything from the japanese name, sorry.

Froakie, I need help with, he seems like a more wizened old frog pokemon line, though I can't find anything in the english name other than the obvious "croak". The Japanese name though is "Kero" for the fact it's a frog, and "matsu" meaning wait. This is a bit shakey though..