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Somewhere, Vulpix is crying right now

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User Info: GilgameshSwords

4 years ago#1
Due to the amount of topics praising the inclusion of a Fire Fox

User Info: Master_Warlord7

4 years ago#2
At least Vulpix looks like a fire type rather than a normal type.
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User Info: Mugiloko

4 years ago#3
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User Info: Hirokey123

4 years ago#4
To be fair Vulpix is a normal fox, which are cute but just cute. Fennekin is a fennec fox and IMO the cutest fox species there is. I've got to hold, hug, and pet a fennec fox before and it was awesome.
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User Info: spooky96

4 years ago#5
Fennekin does kind of look like mini Ninetales.
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User Info: cardoor123

4 years ago#6
Basically it's a 4 year old that's crying because ot's not getting the attention it got before due to a newborn being born?

That will wear out, besides I can guanratee that Vulpix by itself will be the better competitive Pokemon over Fennekin's third form.

User Info: electric_emu

4 years ago#7
That's why they gave Vulpix Drought :P

User Info: kakashik99992

4 years ago#8
Except that they are different

I hope she gets drought on DW lol
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User Info: Dark_Einherjar

4 years ago#9
Unless Fennekin gains Drought as its hidden ability, Vulpix doesn't care.
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User Info: fawfulmark2

4 years ago#10
electric_emu posted...
That's why they gave Vulpix Drought :P
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