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Please, please, please.

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User Info: toad133

4 years ago#11
I agree there are too many legendaries. Darkrai and Cresselia could have made for an awesome plot in a main series game if they were saved instead of being used for D/P...although they were cool in the Mystery Dungeon series.
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Started: 16th of August 2008 13:27pm.

User Info: Hydroflame20

4 years ago#12
Balamb00 posted...
I hate legendaries.


5 that's all you need per game. I'm not a Gen 1 lover but that's all you needed back then and now. There's no reason to have 10 legendaries. Myths and lore make a Pokemon. I don't need god-like Pokemon. I just need to hear rumors of a Pokemon throughout the game and encounter it by chance. Not for story purposes. That's what makes a legendary truly feel unique.

I only want a max of 5 Legends and I want each one to be as rare as it is to find a shiny. That would make it worth using. And get rid of hacks if worldwide trading is possible. Aahhhh impossible.

BTW I haven't found a shiny since the original Gold and Silver. That's cool with me.

OK fine your gonna get me fired if my boss hears you, please keep your voice down dammit I need this job lol but on a serious note I agree with what your saying.
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User Info: Chao777

4 years ago#13
Mr Mime, Jynx, Farfetch'd, etc... All of the "trade only" Pokémon in RB that were unique as well. Why not count them in the same group? That's why I don't mind having lots of legends. Now that we have breeding, trade exclusives aren't unique, so now we need other prizes to award the player for exploration: more legends.
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