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Was scared about leaving sprites...

#1EstheimasterPosted 1/8/2013 12:07:36 PM
But I'm impressed with everything that I see. I was afraid that the 3D images would look tacky and fake, but the ones I saw looked beautiful. I feared that leaving sprites would be a cliff of no return that may lose many fans. Seeing as most reactions are positive, I'm happy now.

I am now officially psyched. Bring it on Chespin!
#27656198Posted 1/8/2013 12:08:37 PM
Im actually impressed at how good the models look. Nice coler, seem to have good poly count, very animated. Looks better than the previous stadium games IMO.
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#3vital_tundraPosted 1/8/2013 12:09:34 PM
I was a bit worried with how long animations would take during battle if they went 3D, because the console games take forever to get through because of the long ass animations. But from the looks of it attacks are speedy and don't waste your time.
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