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Possible Stealth Rocks Nerfs (Speculation)

#1EstheimasterPosted 1/8/2013 1:38:27 PM
What do you guys of these as acceptable Stealth Rocks nerfs?

It lasts 3-5 Turns


Each percentage is scaled back (i.e. Charizard takes 1/4 while Typhlosion takes 1/8)

I think the first would be fair because then it'd be like Light Screen and Gravity. It wouldn't be viable so much without proper support, but teams could spurt up dedicated to keeping SR and abusing it- think Trick Room style + Stall. That could be fun.

The damage reduction would help immensely and make the move a little less widespread.

I think that having both is extreme, but something needs to be done about the poor Pokémon who stand no competitive chance because of this one move.