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Pokemon X & Y Official Evolution Poll. Day 1 - Nominations.

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3 years ago#51
10 for Sawsbuck.
3 years ago#52
Current Nominations:

Pinsir Evolution X 40

Qwilfish Evolution X 30

Absol Evolution X23

Dunsparce Evolution X 20
Zangoose Evolution X 20

Eevee Evolution X 13

Scyther Pre-Evolution X 10
Scyther Split Evolution X 10
Heracross Evolution X 10
Farfetch’d Evolution X 10
Arbok Evolution X 10
Ferrothorn Evolution X 10
Aerodactyl Evolution X 10
Galvantula Evolution X 10
Seviper Evolution X 10
Quagsire Evolution X 10
Tropius Evolution X 10
Omastar Evolution X 10
Smeargle Evolution X 10
Basculin Evolution X 10
Torkoal Evolution X 10
Spinda Evolution X 10
Jynx Evolution X 10
Banette Evolution X 10
Combee Split Evolution X 10
Arcanine Evolution X 10
Kecleon Evolution X 10
Rapidash Evolution X 10
Sawsbuck Evolution X 10

Dragonair Split Evolution X 3
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3 years ago#53
ConnorTheOtter posted...
Xashowd posted...
ConnorTheOtter posted...
I totally can relate. I have a Dragonite (Fayt), Arcanine (Hoover), and Jolteon (Blitz) that I have been trading over since Gen 3 as well. Hell, I would have traded them over from Gen 1 were that possible. I don't use them for any competitive teams (seeing as I knew next to nothing about IVs and EVs at the time), but they're always in my "end game in-game" party.

Sweet. Yeah, those three are an awesome team from typing alone (Arcanine takes care of Ice Types that would give Dragonite trouble, and Jolteon deals with the Waters Arcanine can't handle), so I can see why you bring them over. Everyone has that one Pokemon that they cherish, some have more.

Yeah, I knew nothing about IVs or EVs until mid-late Gen 4. Needless to say I realized just how lucky I was with my Zangoose when I found out.

Totally get the End-game bit. It especially helps that Slasher is Lv.100 (has been since Ruby), so he can shred just about any in-game opposition. Plus, When I have him and 100+Ultra Balls...Nothing escapes my grasp thanks to False Swipe. Feels good. Do you have a dedicated Pokemon Catcher?

Yeah, those three have always been with me. The other three change with situation and mood, but they are as close to friends as data can get.

I didn't so lucky in that area, with natures like Bold for Dragonite xD

I usually use my Scizor for catching, though I haven't need to catch anything in the longest time.

TBH, I haven't really needed to catch anything either. Though that's largely due to A) Having almost every pokemon in my Platinum Version, and B) Having not Played Pokemon in some time. I've mostly been focusing on my assorted 3DS games. I figure with X and Y on the way though, I oughta get back to finishing them 'Dexes. That way I can give my main 6th Gen game a headstart as far as Pokedex completion goes.
I am MnK Xashowd. Official Darkrai of the Pokemon X/Y Boards.
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3 years ago#54
Tropius desperately needs an evolution. Maybe even a typing overhaul, but it has so much potential and it's just wasted on that slow, depressing dino-tree. 5 votes for an awesome new Tropius, and then another 5 toward the Scyther branching evo.
Official Dwebble of the Pokemon X/Y Boards
3 years ago#55
1x Jigglypuff split evo
9x Luvdisc evo: Loverliver, the loving liver Pokemon
Not removing this until Jigglypuff returns to the anime. [8/25/08]
3 years ago#56
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3 years ago#57
10 for Heracross
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3 years ago#58
Farfetch'd definitely... There's a lot of potential there for a second and maybe even third form.
Perhaps even making it the common bird type seen at the beginning, it would definitely be amazing if done correctly.

Pincir takes second, in need of a pre-evolution and evolution.

Aside from that I don't think any more really need more forms, I would rather see more new ones, and hopefully far better than what gen. V has given us.
3 years ago#59
They need to make a Skarmory evolution
3 years ago#60
3 to Kangaskhan prevo, 4 to Qwilfish evo, 3 to Remoraid split involving Mantine
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