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I'm getting both games! xD

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4 years ago#1
When this comes out i'm buying both X and Y! lol I wonder if anyone else is gonna do this. Though yeah some owuld want more information. Me i'm gonna try to play this game blind like the Sapphire/Ruby days.

Also I wanted to let you guys know all three starters are growing on me for the first time since gen 1-2. Got Gen 5 starters all were bad IMO. Though Osawatt wasn't that bad once he evolved. Tepig had horrible fighting moves when evolved. He had like one move that was fighting I think?
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4 years ago#2
lol that's hilarious.
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4 years ago#3
I always buy both games also
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4 years ago#4
I've been going out trying to get both games starting with red and blue. I just have to get Ruby and Pokemon Black. I didn't buy white 2 or black 2 because I just don't really like the 5th gen.
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4 years ago#5
Bought both R/S and D/P.
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4 years ago#6
Oh yeah I still have to get firered, but I already am expecting red and blue in the mail any day now. xD
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4 years ago#7
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4 years ago#8
I don't see the point in buying both. There's a reason there is trading and the Global Link.

That's something for lazy people or those with no friends that play Pokemon and are too afraid to use the internet. Or if you really can't stand the idea of having something without your name as the OT.

As for legendaries, there's always a way later on to get the other one.
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4 years ago#9
I brought bolth black and white. I'll have to see when it comes to x/y. Probably not though.
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4 years ago#10
I do it just because I can. xD Though I'll prob just buy X first and then later on get Y.
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