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Fennekin will get uglier as it evolves

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4 years ago#1
the dreaded feels man
4 years ago#2
well you shouldn't pick Fennekin anyways

Dead to me.
4 years ago#3
I can imagine it'll evolve terribly.
4 years ago#4
NO! I refuse to believe this!
Congratulations, random chance is random and based on chance -Naucitos
4 years ago#5
Eh... who cares? Grass type starters forever! >_>
4 years ago#6
Not unless they pull a Lopuny/Gardevoir. That's why it's Froaky all the way!
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[+[_]::]just because you can doesn't mean you should
4 years ago#7
YoyokuKO posted...
the dreaded feels man

What does the dreaded feel?
<Last remaining Mario fan>
4 years ago#8
As long as the evolutions grow into that enormous head, anything will work for me
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4 years ago#9
i hope it turns into Flamrir (bad fenrir puns)
i can see Oshawott turn into a knight (samurai/knight)
The frog will turn into King Wart can sing opera in your dreams
4 years ago#10
Sir, you are wrong! >=o
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