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Is Pokemon walking the Dragon Quest route?

#1sacksquatchPosted 1/8/2013 3:35:32 PM
This is how the first in the series (and the presumed first japanese RPG) looked like:

They maintained a similar style of overworld view (with enhanced graphics) for more than 20 years, but now it looks more like: (This is a remake for the 3DS)

Seem familiar? I had disregarded this theory when the developers said they weren't going for graphic enhancements (or maybe I misunderstood) but now with the new trailer, I'm starting to believe it. So, will there come a time in which the main pokémon games look like this?
#2sacksquatch(Topic Creator)Posted 1/8/2013 3:49:47 PM
Oh and forgot to mention: The ten installment is an MMORPG (For Wii and WiiU)
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