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It's long overdue for Red, Blue, and Lance to make cameos in the story now

#11TaticalWarriorPosted 1/9/2013 1:56:01 PM
PhaseBlack posted...
TaticalWarrior posted...
Red has no personality. The only thing great about him is design and that is all. Because that is all he has. He is as good as your experience as him was.

Thats a bit dumb to say just because he doesnt talk. The fact is is that Red is the original and since his own game he has been portrayed as a legendary trainer. Obviously they can expand that role, or even him being a secret boss in a side quest is good too

Dumb is to say that a character who showed zero expressions, zero interactvity, zero dialogue, none character development is a great character.

He isn't even a character in RBY, he is more like a player avatar.
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