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Do you want voice acting in this game?

#31RoanarkPosted 1/13/2013 12:43:11 AM
I could live with some voice acting.
Pokemon saying their name? No.
Real sounding "cries" would be nice though.
#32ADHDguitarPosted 1/13/2013 12:43:45 AM
No and HELL NO

Animal noises like in Stadium. That name saying garbage is non canon and you know it.
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#33Tequila_ShotPosted 1/13/2013 1:04:36 AM
Voice Acting ... maybe in an Ocarina of Time sense where they say a word or two like "Hello!". Pokemon doesn't need full voice acting for every piece of spoken dialogue. In fact, most Nintendo IP's are pretty well off without them, save for maybe Star Fox.

I wouldn't mind if the cries got updated, but they can't be the anime "say my name" thing. That's just idiotic.
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#34CharizardFirePosted 1/13/2013 1:25:38 AM
From: DarcKage | #004
Battle cries should get an update by now.

#35CaomiausPosted 1/13/2013 4:29:03 AM
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