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Which version in each gen did you get/play?

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4 years ago#181
All of Gen 1
All of Gen 2
All of Gen 3 (including remakes)
Most of Gen 4 (all but SoulSilver)
Black 1&2
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4 years ago#182



leaf green

diamond/ pearl
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4 years ago#183
Gen 1: Yellow

Gen 2: Gold

Gen 3: Sapphire/Emerald/FireRed

Gen 4: Diamond/HeartGold

Gen 5: Black/Black2
4 years ago#184
For me it was

Gen 1 Pokemon red and Pokemon Yellow versions

Gen 2 Pokemon Silver and Crystal versions

Gen 3 Pokemon Ruby and Emerald versions

Gen 4 Pokemon Pearl, Platinum and SoulSilver verions

Gen 5 Pokemon Black and Black 2 Versions
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4 years ago#185
Pokemon Blue, Yellow
Pokemon Gold, Silver, Crystal
Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Fire Red, Leaf Green (Fav gen)
Pokemon Pearl, Platinum, Pokemon HeartGold
Pokemon White, White 2
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4 years ago#186




4 years ago#187
Emerald and Fire Red
Skipped Gen IV since I didn't buy a DS
Black 2, after finally convincing myself to get a 3DS
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4 years ago#188




White 2
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4 years ago#189
Emerald/Fire Red
Diamond/Platinum/Heart Gold
Black/Black 2

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4 years ago#190
Gen I: Blue (also had Yellow for a while)
Gen II: Silver (and Crystal)
Gen III: Sapphire (and Emerald, but much later)
Gen III Remakes (Gen I): Fire Red
Gen IV: Pearl
Gen IV Remakes (Gen II): Soul Silver
Gen V: White (also Black, but my best friend now has my copy)
Gen V Sequels: Black 2
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