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Surprised this hasn't been asked before but ...

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User Info: Chenmaster2

4 years ago#1
will you turn up that 3D slider? - Results (154 votes)
19.48% (30 votes)
19.48% (30 votes)
17.53% (27 votes)
27.27% (42 votes)
16.23% (25 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Sometimes I do turn up the 3D for the 3DS but other times it's nice to play just in 2D.
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User Info: BossBalla90

4 years ago#2
im sure on cutscenes i will but playing the game i will keep it off like i usually do...
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User Info: Runeboggle

4 years ago#3
Often, yes. Normally for games like Kid Icarus and Sonic Generations, I leave it off except in the case of cutscenes.
For Pokemon, it'll be a bit harder to decide when to turn it on and off.

Not always, though, as that'll murder your eyes in a couple hours. <_<
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User Info: Xerneas

4 years ago#4
Sometimes. During especially awesome battles or cutscenes, or when in a really cool area.
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User Info: SlimeStack

4 years ago#5
I really don't see anything special in 3D. Sometimes I turn it on just to go "ooh 3D", but the gimmick quickly wears off and I switch it off again.

User Info: SuperAfroBoy

4 years ago#6
For this game I'll likely have it off most of the time, as I do with Harvest Moon. Some games, though, I almost always have it on, for example Super Mario 3D Land.
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User Info: mada7

4 years ago#7
I'll turn it on from time to time to see what it would look like in 3d but the novelty of it wears off quickly
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User Info: Enferolunos

4 years ago#8
I put "sometimes"
I'm sure I'll play a much as I can in 3D, especially gym leaders, legendaries, etc, but I'll probably lower it when I'm just playing normally.
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User Info: yoshirpg

4 years ago#9
I don't really care about the 3d. The reason I bought a 3ds was to get the new games, not the 3d gimmick.
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User Info: Spike Rosered

Spike Rosered
4 years ago#10
I can't answer this question until I'm playing the game and can judge how they're utilizing the 3D. I might never use it, I might never not use it.
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