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Why don't we try to come up with the name of the "Z" legend.

#31Ultimate_Nova_XPosted 1/9/2013 7:04:24 PM
andis1992 posted...
I would like to see more legendary pokemon with simpler names. as pokemon has progress the names have gotten longer and stranger. we went from mew to Yveltal.

Because of this, I would seriously like him to be named "Zee"

So Jii in Japanese?

Zetto (the Japanese way of saying the letter based on non-America) would be more likely. In fact, I'd like it.
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#32GATTJTPosted 1/9/2013 7:04:43 PM
From: Crowfeather0226 | #002
Why not Zoidberg?

lol this is too perfect
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