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What new Pokemon game do you want them to announce next?

#1xxxxxnPosted 1/9/2013 6:05:11 PM
It can be for the WiiU or the 3DS. My personal choices

3DS. A new ranger game a new or a Pokemon Mario crossover where you compete against characters from the Mario world in their own unofficial gyms and you fight toads and goombas and koopas and boos and the like along the routes and in the caves and stuff. For example Peach would have Pokemon like clefairy jigglypuff Chaney skitty and lopunny
Boos would have gengars and misdreavus and litwicks and stuff like that and bloopers would have water Pokemon like tentacruel golden and magicarp

For the WiiU I would like
A game similar to Pokemon XD but without having to open pokemons hearts and you can catch any Pokemon you want from tall grass water caves etc
A sequel to Pokemon snap which is free roaming and not in a car but with a lot more areas to explore and much more challenging
#2SBNetopirPosted 1/9/2013 6:06:14 PM(edited)
Pokemon Uranium and Plutonium, for the WiiU.
#3LegendaryOozaruPosted 1/9/2013 6:08:31 PM
Pokemon Rainbow.