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How old are you and what generation did you start with?

#1GATTJTPosted 1/9/2013 7:54:52 PM
1st gen
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#2Black HayatePosted 1/9/2013 7:55:18 PM
24. 1st gen.
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#3IndianaJones65Posted 1/9/2013 7:56:02 PM
1st gen
even though i couldnt read yet, lol
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#4IngSlayerPosted 1/9/2013 7:56:10 PM
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#5VampLordAdamaruPosted 1/9/2013 7:56:15 PM
27, Red and Blue (Gen 1).
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#6deathbycookiesPosted 1/9/2013 7:56:37 PM

#7P0k3m0nWaRR10R8Posted 1/9/2013 7:56:55 PM

I'm pretty sure Gen II was out by the time I had reached a video-game playing age, so we had Gen I and Gen II simultaneously at my house, which was pretty awesome
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#8Steelboy87Posted 1/9/2013 7:56:56 PM
23, 1st gen, Blue on Christmas morning.
#9MetaFalconPunchPosted 1/9/2013 7:57:23 PM

Late 4th Gen...
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#10CM_PonchPosted 1/9/2013 7:57:28 PM
20, Gen 1.
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