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How old are you and what generation did you start with?

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3 years ago#51
27, Gen 1
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3 years ago#52
19, 2nd.
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3 years ago#53
21, 1st Gen
I was 8, and I had saved over my brother's Red file, he got so mad he said I could have the game.
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3 years ago#54
28 and started with 1st Gen.

Vexu192 posted...
How on earth did these 15 and 16 year olds start on Generation 1? You guys were born when it came out, by the time you were old enough to play Generation 3 was around the corner.

The question didn't specify which gen was current when they started, but rather which gen did they start.
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3 years ago#55
27, first gen. Though I only really got into 1 and 2. 3 I only got like 3/4 of the way through and I'm half done platinum. Still play it sometimes. Haven't gotten any gen 5 games.
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3 years ago#56

3rd Gen Fire Red. I had the Charmander from my first ever playthrough for 6 years. My first ever pokemon, my first level 100, I was lucky and transferred him to Gen 4 right before my Fire Red died on me and glitched forever. Then I decided to let my friend borrow him and HIS game glitched and got Charizard ;_;

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3 years ago#57

1st gen
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3 years ago#58
26 Gen 1
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3 years ago#59
WitchBaby4200 posted...
I'm pretty sure I'm the oldest on the board. 30 here, and I started with whatever gen Diamond/Pearl was.

Got you beat 42 gen 5. Started playing when my kids did
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3 years ago#60
first gen
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