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Which starters did you choose in previous generations

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User Info: VideoGamer1990

4 years ago#31

Blue - Squirtle, then Bulbasaur
Red - Charmander
Gold - Totodile
Crystal - Cyndaquil
Sapphire - Torchic
Fire Red - Squirtle
Diamond - Piplup
HeartGold - Totodile
Black & Black 2 - Oshawott
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User Info: TehTrumpCard

4 years ago#32
Using only my initial playthroughs:

Red: Bulbasaur
Blue: Charmander
Gold: Totodile
Crystal: Totodile
Sapphire: Mudkip
Emerald: Torchic
Fire Red: Charmander
Leaf Green: Bulbasaur
Diamond: Piplup
Pearl: Turtwig
Platinum: Chimchar
Heart Gold: Totodile
Black 1: Tepig
White 1: Oshawott
Black 2: Oshawott
Touhoumon: Reimu only

I never once used Squirtle, Chikorita, or Cyndaquil and successfully compeleted a run of any Pokemon game as I quickly lost interest in using them.
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User Info: LightningHawk90

4 years ago#33
Bulbasaur, Cyndaquil, Tochic, Piplup, and Snivy
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User Info: Traptin3days

4 years ago#34
Squirtle - Cyndaquil - Treeco - Piplup - Snivy - Fennekin

Picked Charmander in firered though :p
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User Info: tilaroxs

4 years ago#35
Sapphire: Mudkip, though I initially chose Torchic. I did my first completed playthrough with Mudkip
LeafGreen: Me and my friend did the "all 3 starters trick". I think Bulbasaur was the one i actually owned
Diamond: Piplup
White: Tepig
X/Y: Definitely Fennekin no matter what
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User Info: foreverjesse

4 years ago#36
Blue - Squirtle
Gold - Totodile
Sapphire - Mudkip
Diamond - Piplup
Black - Oshawott

Always water types, but this time I'm going with Fennekin.
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User Info: shadowdemon427

4 years ago#37
Charmander, Cyndaquil, Torchic, Chimchar and then Oshawott for me. I wasn't the biggest fan of Tepig. But I have to say, this coming Gen's starters look pretty amazing, I can't wait to see what's to come
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