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Fennekin is bad and you should feel bad for choosing it

#41Toadster9001(Topic Creator)Posted 1/10/2013 10:06:31 AM
Kagayaku08 posted...
the expectation of realistic anatomy in a series where some of the "animals" don't even have form to keep their living body parts in their bodies is ridiculous

i'm sure you know the anatomy of a pile of sludge, or a spirit, but no other scientist does. Stop that lying.

Those monsters are based on inanimate objects. Fennekin is based on a Fennec Fox yet its anatomy is totally incorrect. No creature with a body shape of that size and shape should be able to move, regardless of what its origins are.
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#42CenedarprimePosted 1/10/2013 12:08:04 PM
Toadster9001 posted...

Don't lump all of us Froakie fans in with your jerk self. I happen to think all the starters are cool (now if we could just figure out WHAT Chespin is supposed to be.

For srs now, if I was holding out the hope that Froakie will be a Water/Fighting hybrid I would probably be going with Fennekin.
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