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Give a name for not yet made eeveelutions

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4 years ago#1
Ghost- Shadeon

Fighting- Poweon

Dragon- Draceon

I can't think of a good bug name
4 years ago#2
Bug - Scorpeon
Ghost - Zombeon
Dragon - Wyvereon
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4 years ago#3
Steel: Andreon
Poison: Vileon
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4 years ago#4
Dammit. Zombeon is perfect! I think wyverneon would be better for a flying type
4 years ago#5
Ghost = Illuseon
Steel or Rock = Oreon
Poison = Toxeon
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4 years ago#6
Why don't you go check out the Eevee Corps topic?
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4 years ago#7
Metaleon would be a cool steel eevee name.
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4 years ago#8
Steel- Adamanteon, Titaneon
Flying: Aetheon
Fighting: Herculeon/Heracleon
Poison: Draculeon
Rock: Meteon
Normal: Eeveeon
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4 years ago#9
Steel: Metaleon (Me-tal-eon)
Ghost: Spiriteon
Bug: Anteon?
Rock: Igneon
Poison: Toxieon
Dragon: Draceon
Fighting: Clasheon
4 years ago#10
ghost: Bansheon
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