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New Designs (*spoilers*)

#1UltimacantiPosted 1/11/2013 12:11:04 PM
As skepticism and arguments have devoured the good nature of my last thread, I am starting this thread and putting more one the line. I want someone to screenshot this post for March.

Summary of what I have already revealed:

New region is divided between Northern forests/mountains and southern coasts / plains.
2 new villain teams
Yveltal and Xerneas are based on yatagarasu and shishigami respectively
The 2 legendaries represent North and South
The 3rd "Z" legendary is based on a shachihoko (check other thread for a detailed description)
New eevolution is flying type
Fennekin line = Egyptian
Chespin line = military / soldier
Froakie line = wizard
...and I believe that was all the major stuff I discussed

Now, for my huge show of faith I will give you the other 4 pokemon designs that will be shown in March (already told you the eevee one). AfterI post this, I will probably logout until mid-March (hopefully with new info) when more people will believe me after the reveal.

1. Small dolphin with clown face paint (no clown nose) and a striped hoop around its belly. (summary says it gets 1 evo)
2. A bird that looks very similar to a plover, mostly white body with black stripes, forming something like a hashtag on both sides of the body. Also stripe across eyes. (summary says 2 evos)
3. A fluffball with only small legs and a nose sticking out of it (cannot see eyes). This is the new rodent, but the animal it is based on is neither associated with fluff or Europe. (summary says 1 evo)
4. A small kangaroo with a battery-pouch and two hammer-like hands. Its tail is spiraled (no obvious lightning marks on its body) (summary says 2 evos)

OK, that leaves me with 4 designs unspoilt. See you guys in March!
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#2Wynters387Posted 1/11/2013 12:13:00 PM
What do you mean by Egyptian? Do you mean a Pharaoh?
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#3Kooky_von_KoopaPosted 1/11/2013 12:13:22 PM
i will save this topic and prove in March if you were right or not.
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#4jneal57Posted 1/11/2013 12:13:39 PM
thanky you
#5keybladesrusPosted 1/11/2013 12:13:44 PM
And it begins again...
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#6NarutoPosted 1/11/2013 12:14:58 PM
I don't believe it.
#7summerclawPosted 1/11/2013 12:16:52 PM
So much fail.
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#8RaidenHeroPosted 1/11/2013 12:17:42 PM
I am not sure if this is fake
#9SpacePirateKhanPosted 1/11/2013 12:18:47 PM
I like the sounds of the Eeveelution and the Starter lines.

The only problem will be the increasing difficulty of narrowing down Eeveelutions for a team. D:
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#10Kogasa-TataraPosted 1/11/2013 12:20:11 PM
Lol at plebs who immediately dismiss everything as fake when stuff gets leaked constantly.