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How about a coffee ferret pokemon?

#1darkphoenix181Posted 1/11/2013 1:02:21 PM
In south america there is a ferret that eats specific coffee bean found only deep in the jungle that is perilous for man to get to. So, humans extract the bean from this ferret's poop and sell it at huge costs for it's rarity and prossibly great flavor.

I think it would be cool to have a pokemon based on this with a theme of coffee powers. It can be immune to sleep and perhaps wake up other pokemon. It should also have moves that stimulate its mind and awareness.
Maybe a coffee cup in it's sprite/model.
Megaman Legends 3 :( NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
#2TheRealKilroyPosted 1/11/2013 1:04:52 PM
A junkie ferret?

And there's a much bigger problem here than the next pokemon. People are drinking Ferret-poop coffee.
#3KillerMechanoidPosted 1/11/2013 1:09:44 PM(edited)
This one?

(Replace the tea with coffee)