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Who was your starters from every game you played?

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User Info: Kentaro21

4 years ago#51
Red: Charmander
Gold and HeartGold: Cyndaquil
Emerald: Treecko
FireRed: Bulbasaur
Diamond: Piplup
Black: Oshawatt
Black 2: Tepig

I think that sums it up

User Info: AuroraSonicBeam

4 years ago#52
Soon-to-be Fennekin
If you fail to get krump....nothing you do in life will succeed.- Krump King ASB
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User Info: paralyzed21

4 years ago#53
grass. always grass. |

User Info: Lucario8641

4 years ago#54
Pokémon Diamond: Piplup
Pokémon Sapphire: Torchic
Pokémon Platinum: Turtwig
Pokémon Emerald: Mudkip
Pokémon White: Snivy
Pokémon Red: Charmander
Pokémon White 2: Tepig
Pokemon White FC: 2494-3500-8491 ; Pokemon White 2 FC: 2967-6506-0633
PSN: Athletic8641

User Info: kenneth_velez

4 years ago#55
Blue, Squirtle
Yellow Picachu
Silver chikrita
Emerald Mudkip
FireRed Charmander
Diamond Chimchar
Pearl Piplup
Heart Gold Cyndiquil
Black. . . don't remember got all 3 starters

User Info: qwart

4 years ago#56
Crystal: Totodile
Yellow: Pikachu
Ruby: Treeko
LeafGreen: Bulbasaur
Ruby (2nd playthrough): Torchic (I EVed trained it in game. Kinda cool, kinda boring)
LeafGrean (2nd playthrough): Squirtle (In fact I only used Blastoise and Hitmonlee in this playthrough)
LeafGreen (3rd playthrough): Charmander
Ruby (3rd Playthrough, Nuzlocke run): Mudkip
Pearl: Turtwig
Platinum (Friend's game): Chimchar
Pearl (No save, speed run): Piplup
HeartGold: Totodile
White: Tepig
White 2: Snivy

For these games I am torn between Froakie and Fennekin
White FC: 0647 5684 3227

User Info: ReiShingami1

4 years ago#57
I will write only the games i had original, not on emulator.
Red - Bulbasaur
Gold - Chikorita
LeafGreen - Bulbasaur
Emerald - Treecko
Diamond - Turtwig
Heartgold - Chikorita
Black - Snivy
Black 2 - Snivy
Im the Green guy :D

But the grass starter in X/Y is too much for me and gonna pick that fire fox thing. Gonna ditch it at first chance anyway.
PSN: ReiShingami

User Info: Sir Will

Sir Will
4 years ago#58
Blue: I don't remember. Charmander I think. He's one of my fav pokemon now, from the show i guess since I can't actually use him (they so need to be available other ways...

Silver: Totodile

Sapphire: Mudkip (but I like torchic too)

Platinum: chimchar all the way (but turtwig is cool too)
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User Info: BJW1990

4 years ago#59
In the order I played them:

Gen I, Yellow: Pikachu
Gen IV, Diamond: Piplup
Gen III, Emerald: Trecko
Gen V, White: Snivy

I never played Gen II, the Gen I remakes, the Gen II remakes, or the Gen V sequels.

User Info: Nirvanas_Nox

4 years ago#60
Red: Charmander
Blue: Charmander
Gold: Cyndaquil
Silver: Cyndaquil
Crystal: Totodile
Ruby: Mudkip
Emerald: Torchic
FireRed: Charmader
LeafGreen: Squirtle
Diamond: Chimchar
Pearl: Turtwig
Platinum: Piplup
HeartGold: Cyndaquil
SoulSilver: Chikorita
White: Oshawatt
Black: Tepig
Black 2: Snivy
White 2: Oshawatt
i probably pick Fennekin and Chespin for X and Y
White2: Snivy
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