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Your favourite bird of the series?

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2 years ago#41
Venonat! *puts on fake beak and throws it through the topic*
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2 years ago#42
If Empoleon counts, Empoleon.

Otherwise, gotta give it to Swellow.
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2 years ago#43
CharizardFire posted...
From: Polimario | #002


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2 years ago#44
The Metal Gear Series is probably the best games ever made.
2 years ago#45
Empoleon, because after all, penguins ARE birds.
All of my favorite Flying types and Fly-capable Pokemon aren't birds at all.
2 years ago#46
Hard time deciding between Ho-oH and Articuno.
2 years ago#47
Imo, Staraptor is one of the few birds that retains its Party Slot in the game, learning Close Combat is nice for those Rock-types, usually i ditch the region bird for something more chunkier or simply leave it at the bottom of the party as a HM Slave of some sort.
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2 years ago#48

Even if he's trash in competitive play, he'll always be one of my favorite birds.
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2 years ago#49
Articuno. I find it to be the most elegant and beautiful bird pokemon to date.
2 years ago#50
Philosophy: Needs more Ice type, and Dragons are the devil.
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