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Has the anime/a spinoff game affected your view on a Pokemon?

#21DragonitetamerPosted 1/12/2013 2:44:12 PM
RTC3 posted...
anime made charizard look strong when it's actually a pos

In Charizards defence:
Ho ho dont mix up game logic whit anime logic!!!!!!
In the games Charizard is competive seen weak because of Rock type moves!!!
In the anime it has God like advantages, and is really really strong!
So strong he refuses to batlle weak opponents like Richie Pikachu.
U can definitly see he was toying around whit it and it was well trained by Richie.
Dont say the anime MADE<----------- him strong he JUST IS STRONG<----------
I mean its a freaking fire spewing Lizard/Dragon, that can fly at amazing speeds.
Not to mention he is quite big and strong u can tell that by his looks.
And if your not quite convinced of what iam trying to explain, to you than look back at the batlle whit Magmar.

Ps: iam not a Charizard fanboy iam just being realistic i mean you are talking about a fire spewing Dragon.