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Do you think we'll get a 2nd Pokemon direct before the release of this game?

#1Brandon00151Posted 1/12/2013 8:43:16 AM
Since this game will have a worldwide release do you think they will use Nintendo Direct to announce game details?
#2gnerdusPosted 1/12/2013 8:44:34 AM
I'm hoping we get one every month, like CoroCoro in Japan.
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#3FuneralCakePosted 1/12/2013 8:47:16 AM
Doubtful. The announcement of the games was arguably the biggest piece of news we'll get, so I can't really see them doing any more of these. Anything else can easily just be updated on the official websites.
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#4MilsoPosted 1/12/2013 8:57:36 AM
I'm pretty sure the official website will update with new details periodically, instead of everything just coming out of CoroCoro.

I couldn't see them doing anything else through Nintendo direct, but I wouldn't complain if they do.