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Pokemon X & Y Official Evolution Poll. Day 5 - Tropius Evolution

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User Info: LandscapeManX

4 years ago#21
I nominate an "Octillery" evolution.
A giant octopus/kraken.
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User Info: NihiloExistant

4 years ago#22
While Tropius isn't very stellar, I'm not sure a lot could be done about it without the evolution getting a different typing (which I don't find likely in this case).

Banette evolution x5
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User Info: RobotPirteGhost

4 years ago#23
5/10. I don't care about Tropius.

Nominate Houndoom evo x5
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User Info: MetaFalconPunch

4 years ago#24
Flying-dinoaur-tree-things-with-bananas are awesome!

Nominate Dragonair Split X5
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User Info: CharizardFire

4 years ago#25
All nominations go to Combee Split Evolution.

User Info: dylnaqui

4 years ago#26
Dunsparce x5
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User Info: Frankula

4 years ago#27
Aerodactly Pre-Evolution x5
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User Info: makedounia

4 years ago#28
Yes! Tropius NEEDS an evolution.

User Info: ConnorTheOtter

4 years ago#29

Dunsparce Evolution X 44
Eevee Split Evolution X 42
Heracross Evolution X 40
Skarmory Evolution X 36
Banette Evolution X 35
Combee Split Evolution X 35
Absol Evolution X 31
Ferrothorn Evolution X 30

Farfetch’d Evolution X 23
Arbok Evolution X 22
Zangoose Evolution X 21

Kangaskhan Pre-Evolution X 20
Luvdisc Evolution X 19
Kabutops Evolution X 17
Corsola Evolution X 17
Jynx Evolution X 16
Tauros Evolution X 16
Tauros/Miltank Pre-Evolution X 16
Dragonair Split Evolution X 16
Omastar Evolution X 15
Sawsbuck Evolution X 15
Arcanine Evolution X 13
Mawile Evolution X 13
Aerodactyl Evolution X 12
Lapras Pre-Evolution X 12
Seviper Evolution X 11
Torkoal Evolution X 11

Sandslash Evolution X 10
Rapidash Evolution X 10
Quagsire Evolution X 10
Smeargle Evolution X 10
Spinda Evolution X 10
Kecleon Evolution X 10
Swoobat Evolution X 10
Basculin Evolution X 10
Galvantula Evolution X 10
Scyther Pre-Evolution X 10
Aerodactly Pre-Evolution X 10

Lapras Evolution X 5
Octillery Evolution X 5
Houndoom Evolution X 5
Lucario Evolution X 5
Chatot Evolution X 5
Luvdisc/Amoraroma Pre-Evolution X 5
Onix Split Evolution X 5

Sableye Evolution X 3
Pinsir Pre-Evolution X 3
Remoraid Split Evolution X 3

Liepard Evolution X 1
Onix Pre-Evolution X 1
Jigglypuff Split Evolution X 1
Magikarp Split Evolution X 1
Vanillish Split Evolution X 1
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User Info: BadDecisions

4 years ago#30
I really like Tropius' design, but the Tropman is really bad.
Gave it a 10 in hopes that it'd retain the cool design but become useful.
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