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ITT: It's September 30th 2013.

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User Info: Speedmaster1225

4 years ago#1
Wow. I can't believe they made the Fire starter a Fire/Fighting type for the FOURTH FREAKING TIME. However, I totally did not expect Froakie to become a Water/Dragon type....
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User Info: KingTumbleweed

4 years ago#2
Man, Chespin turned out to be awesome, I remember when I was saying it was ugly back in January. Fennekin, I am disappoint, I thought you were gonna be different.
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User Info: overmaxx

4 years ago#3
They removed the PWT, no Battle Frontier or anything like it, too.

This game has no content, screw this I'm going back to Black 2.

User Info: Estheimaster

4 years ago#4
I can't believe that it doesn't connect with previous gens. Now I have to catch all 777 Pokémon all over again!

But I am pretty impressed with Chespin. I hear he's being banished to Uber!

User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#5
Dang, really want to play this game...
The refurbish NER, oh how you've redeemed me.
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User Info: miffie_1

4 years ago#6
wow, cant believe x & y come out NEXT month
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User Info: ZERO2936

4 years ago#7
No dark type gym leader after all? GameFreak must be trolling us again.

User Info: erekwashere15

4 years ago#8
Froakie is Water/Poison?!? Bet nobody saw that coming...
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User Info: Chocolateluverx

4 years ago#9
If they actually make another Fire/Fighting starter, that will make me even more angry than when my Swampert died to a Ninjask due to Ninjask's max evasion(double team), max speed(speed boost ability) and max damage due to Fury Cutter spam >.<. That actually happened in my first Sapphire play through lol

User Info: WideAwake

4 years ago#10
The first dark gym would be the first gym in the game. Damn it GF!
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