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Busting the "leaker"

#51KrisipokePosted 1/13/2013 6:50:10 PM
OldDirtyCR posted...
thundershark21 posted...
Why does this topic have such a low post count? I mean this debunked one of the most successful "I''m an employee" poster ever.

I think the "leaker" is just some random dude spouting BS, but seriously? A single fanart image of a "fakemon" supposedly debunks his whole topic? What kind of logic is that? So in order for him to be correct there can't be a single fan image anywhere of anything he said?

Once again, I think the "leaker" is full of BS and it's all lies. But I'm amazed at what constitutes "debunking" on here nowadays.

Also, that guy made a second topic, where he wanted to continue what he's been doing, and the moment somebody linked old Diamond/Pearl topics from him where he tried the same thing (just with localized names), and none of them turned out to be the one he said, he never posted anything to that topic ever. Coincidence?
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