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What do you think is the worst designed pokemon?

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4 years ago#21
4 years ago#22
Spiritomb is the only answer
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4 years ago#23
Garbodor. Muk gives me the impression it's a walking/crawling radioactive toxic sludge. How cool is that? Garbodor gives me the impression it's a walking.. uhh.. garbage.
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4 years ago#24
GATTJT posted...
From: Infernus93 | #013

Out of all 649 pokemon, you'd say Blaziken is tied for the worst designed?

shake my damn head

I like his rad fire pants, but I hate (in order) his feather vest, his long split hair, his all beak face, and more than anything else (though that beak face is close), his crotch fluff (I hate this about Reshiram and Beartic, too). The design overall looks awkward to me, and doesn't seem to fit in with most other Pokemon. It's unfortunate, because I really like Torchic and Combusken. No matter how much I try to like it, I just can't...and that makes me hate it even more.

It has a very similar design to Raiden from Monster Rancher, and I honestly don't like it much there, either.
I like Monster Rancher.
4 years ago#25
Trubbish is rubbish. It seems tactless.
4 years ago#26
Pignite. I've been on this board for less than 2 hours and I feel like I've made my hate of that line apparent.
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4 years ago#27
I just have issues with the ice cream cone
4 years ago#28
Sawk, and Throh.
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4 years ago#29
The letters.
4 years ago#30

It's f***ing atrocious.

The Kyurem forms are up there too.
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