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This Pokemon will replace your underwear

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4 years ago#1

Kakuna. Anyone is free to tell me my story (Hint: I'm a girl)
4 years ago#2
Honchcrow. Well, its fluffy at least.
Black 2 : [Marvin] [FC: 0777 2092 3156]
4 years ago#3

4 years ago#4

I think I want to be a nudist now.
I don't just root for the underdog, I PLAY the underdog. SSBM Pichu FTW!
4 years ago#5

Oh god that would be sharp. Oh god that might turn into accidental pokeality.
4 years ago#6

"Wherever I may live, I remain the same person. Nothing will change." - Milla Maxwell.
4 years ago#7
I don't see how that would work but it would be warm!
4 years ago#8
Glaceon. Nosebleed, and frost bite....damn...
"Kaiouken x100 + Bankai Moe Moe Kyun Just As Planned No Jutsu!"... I won again.
~The Official Shiny Glaceon In The Pokemon BW2 Board~
4 years ago#9

Eh could be worse.
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Monkey Hug! XP
4 years ago#10
I could actually see Alomomola being underwear... I am okay with this.
want some funeral to go with that cake?
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