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This Pokemon will replace your underwear

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User Info: KazukiJurai

4 years ago#191

Oh... oh my...
PSN: Termonator64 (Oh how I hate the younger me for coming up with that name.)

User Info: PoorRichDude

4 years ago#192
Skarmory...maybe if the shed "feathers" were hammered into a codpiece...either way, I won't be having kids after this.

User Info: GoreGross

4 years ago#193
Scraggy, Lawl
Currently Playing: Far Cry 3, Darksiders 2, and Vanquish. Anticipating: MGR:R, Bioshock Infinite, Pokemon X and KHHD.

User Info: dmerkaGU10

4 years ago#194
Ditto! I survive!
In the course of a life time, what does it truly matter?-random gamefaqs user

User Info: guedesbrawl

4 years ago#195
Confession Time!
jRPGs are pretty much the best thing that ever happened to Video Games - Soanevalcke6

User Info: nblasteroin

4 years ago#196
Cottonee :D
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User Info: masterruud

4 years ago#197
A Lileep.....

not sure how that would work...

User Info: Streethawke

4 years ago#198

I'll take it. XD
Flight is freedom. Break the sky.

User Info: dkgamer

4 years ago#199
Electabuzz. Oh man, this is gonna hurt...
A Valley Without Wind - Dynamic RPG from Arcen Games!

User Info: jaoman69

4 years ago#200
Haxorus Well goodbye old friend
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