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Will this generation have "common pokemon" spam?

#11Tequila_ShotPosted 1/13/2013 3:44:21 AM
Staraptor is a great Pokemon with useful moves and abilities. I don't think anyone would really argue that, for being from a "random battle fodder" Pokemon, it actually comes out as one of the better birds.

Bibarel is actually a pretty decent one too for in-game uses. One of the most versitile HM Slaves ever, to start. But, both Simple and Unaware are awesome abilities in-game. Simple and Curse turn Bibarel into a godless killing machine. Half speed for double physical damage and defense, in one turn? Hell yeah. Combine that with Return, Waterfall, or Superpower, and you've got yourself a super-beaver. Unaware is really damn useful for those stupid Double Team spammers that always seem to crop up every couple dungeons or so.
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