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How can we improve the ice type?

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User Info: SettaWorldTeeth

4 years ago#21
melvin343 posted...
SettaWorldTeeth posted...
Hail needs buffing. It's by far the weakest weather at the moment. There's been a call for ice types getting a defensive boost in hail which I'd like to see as well as a Swift Swim equivilent.

Not really, Hail is really good for Blizzard since it let's you hit 100% and do minimum damage as it is.

Compare it to the other weather types though.

Rain: Doubles the power of water type moves, activates the Rain Dish, Hydration and Swift Swim abilities, nerfs fire attacks by half, makes Thunder and Hurricane 100% accurate.

Sun: Doubles the power of fire moves, activates the Chlorophyll and Leaf Guard abilities, Reduces Thunder's accuracy, removes the charging from solarbeam, doubles the stat gains when using Growth.

Sand: Gives a defense boost to rock types, damages every other type except ground and steel, reduces the accuracy of some moves, activates the Sand Rush and Sand Veil abilities.

Hail: Damages every type except ice, gives Blizzard 100% accuracy, activates the Snow Cloak ability.

I've proabaly missed a few things but the gap between hail and the rest is pretty big still.

User Info: Silverwyrm

4 years ago#22
Shadow_StarWolf posted...
Ice is an offensive type, not a defensive.

The issue with this is while great offensively, its riddled with horrible weaknesses defensively which results in people using the awesome ice moves on non-ice pokemon and the ice pokemon themselves typically being ignored.

I would like to see more ice type's being used, not just ice being used on every other pokemon.

Poison and bug could use some adjusting too

User Info: Estheimaster

4 years ago#23
Hail could buff Ice moves or increase Ice-type's speed.

Or it could gain abilities like Sand Rush, like Skier or Snowmobile.
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