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What if the chance of finding a shiny pokemon went up to 1%?

#1StupidMofozPosted 1/13/2013 3:15:26 PM
Would you rage?
#2RethalwolfPosted 1/13/2013 3:16:25 PM
I certainly would find a higher percent of shiny pokemon, if that's what you're asking.
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#3Ultimate_Nova_XPosted 1/13/2013 3:16:29 PM
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#4EstheimasterPosted 1/13/2013 3:17:44 PM
Rethalwolf posted...
I certainly would find a higher percent of shiny pokemon, if that's what you're asking.

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#5StupidMofoz(Topic Creator)Posted 1/13/2013 3:17:44 PM
Well i'm just wondering since it seems a lot of people like the "novelty" and "challenge" of it even though it's more tedious than anything.
#6SirPiercePosted 1/13/2013 3:17:53 PM
I have put hundreds upon hundreds of hours into every pokemon game since Red...I have never seen a single shiny (outside of the Red Gyarados). ;_;

Therefore, I am okay with this. Lol.
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#7Twilight_SonataPosted 1/13/2013 3:24:05 PM
I don't think it's a good idea. What makes shiny Pokemon so special and cool is how rare they are. Making them less rare makes them less special.
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#8The_Undying_84Posted 1/13/2013 3:24:31 PM
I've seen two, a Pawniard which I caught in White and a Rattata in Black 2, which was in the Castelia Sewers, and my idiot rival KO'd it since it was that dumb partner part.
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#9jayman7Posted 1/13/2013 3:24:45 PM
Anyone who uses the word "challenge" to describe an event that happens randomly with a very low chance of happening, but nothing else that makes it difficult to deal with, has no idea what the word "challenge" means, unless it's "the challenge of having enough patience to sit through the thousands of attempts to make it happen."

However, since shiny Pokemon are in no way necessary to enjoy the game or get what sane fans would consider 100% completion, I think their low chance is justified.

As for "novelty", okay. That works.
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